Financial OS for your company

A layer above Financial OS - keep your existing financial systems. Have all your data in one place and let your personal AI answer any question you might have and help you with your tasks, anytime.

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Integrate - Do not migrate

Have the cake and eat it too - keep your existing financial systems

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Support for more than 2,000+ banks and credit card providers

Financial OS

One AI to rule them all

Collect all your financial data in one place, and ask your AI any what-if scenarios, it will model it for you in seconds.

Smart integrations:
Integrate all data across platforms, offering you a centralized, intelligent command center for all financial operations.
Security and permissions:
Every member of the team has their own permissions, and their personal AI can only access and work with data that the team member has permissions for. Sharing and access work exactly as they do in your favorite drive today.
Keep your existing software:
Dooer Financial OS integrates by retrieving data and performing tasks, adding the data back into your existing systems. As your AI becomes smarter, it will take over an increasing number of repetitive tasks for you and your financial team.
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All banks and cards

Consolidate finances: centralize every transaction.

Uncover and track sales, expenses, and growth trends. Let your AI-CFO assistant deliver insights, streamline tasks, and automate reports.

Amplify Savings, Fuel Growth:
Navigate financial queries with precision. Pose what-if questions, receive immediate projections. Your AI focuses on identifying savings, enhancing your bottom line.
Comprehensive Financial View:
Instant answers for every query. From the boardroom to the back office, you have access to precise, up-to-date financial information 24/7, 365 days a year.
Reliable Backup and Data Security:
Seamlessly transition between financial providers and integrate with banks and credit card providers. Maintain continuous access to your transaction history.
Multibanking and Multi-Company:
Effortlessly oversee the finances of multiple companies, both local and global. Streamline financial oversight for any number of entities, all from one powerful platform.
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Boost your productivity.

Transform boring tasks into automated processes with AI, ready to answer questions and assist with analyses at any time.

Dooer Financial OS is currently in closed beta.

All financial documents

Collect all your financial documents

Collect all your financial documents. Let your AI extract information, sort, and help you prepare for bookkeeping and payment tasks. Find all duplicates. Ask any questions about any document, whether from today or 10 years ago, no problem. Your AI is available to assist you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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OCR and information extraction:
Upload your documents, and let your financial AI will jump on the task to OCR and information extract.
Sort and categorize all documents, find duplicates and detect sub-categories, such as re-invoice, credit invoices and more — all automatically.
Duplicates and matching:
Ready accounting templates.

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